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A snippet of some of the wonderful comments we receive from our wonderful TANWARRAGOLD families. 

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Elise, NSW

Gigi, our gorgeous yellow lab is our little angel!! We bought her through Tanwarragold during the height of covid and they couldn’t have been nicer or easier to deal with! I may be bias but have never met a pup with a better nature, she loves all dogs, humans and children. I highly recommend TanwarraGold if you are wanting a lab and wouldn’t go elsewhere!
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Can’t recommend Tanwarragold Labradors highly enough. My Millie joined our family a few months ago and she’s such a joy, healthy and trainable. We bought from these guys on the strength of another of their dogs that was purchased in late 2021 by a friend that is growing into the most delightful dog.
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Merlin passed his sixth and final test to become a fully qualified Assistance Dog. I'm so proud of him! In short, we love him to bits! Many thanks for bringing this wonderful being into the world.
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Leeca, NSW

Highly recommend TanwarraGold Labradors. Kevin front, and Murphy both from here. The most beautiful, placid dogs ever !

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Shane, NSW

TanwarraGold Labradors fantastic breeders can highly recommend these guys they breed amazing dogs  with the best temperament....
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Thanks so much for our wonderful new addition to the family. Ziggy has settled in well and he and Ned are getting to know each other… thanks again
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For anybody on the fence, we got a stunner from Tanwarragold in 2021 and she’s an absolute DREAM! Sadie, our 2.5 Tanwarragold treasure and the sweetest girl in all the land!
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Our new mate Rudi that we picked up today. Best decision we ever made. He’s beyond amazing 
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